The John Gillen Quality Service Advantage

When you place an order, the people behind The John Gillen Company are ready to provide you with outstanding service. Our customer service model is based on understanding the needs of your business, while allocating resources to ensure orders are processed efficiently and delivered according to your requirements.

Perhaps your delivery and order placement needs require:

Scheduling of weekly shipments

Annual blanket order purchasing

Pull/kanban delivery

Quick changeover

Electronic media-release scheduling

Advance shipment notifications

Whatever your special needs, our dedicated team of professionals will work closely with your purchasing department to ensure orders are fulfilled based on actual demand and consumption.


Customer Service

We have developed a customer service process that focuses on giving customers a competitive advantage. We accomplish this through dedication and commitment to the following strategies:

  1. Developing a clear definition of what is and is not important to our customer.
  2. Establishing and maintaining a reputation for excellent follow-thru and superior organizing skills by increasing our ability to focus on our customer’s top priorities.
  3. Creating customer relations that are built on mutual respect and mutual benefit.
  4. Developing effective problem solving skills that lead to stronger partnerships.
  5. And finally, increasing customer service effectiveness by creating new superior possibilities for all involved. Simply put, “We Think Win – Win”!

When people achieve objectives, they influence teams to also achieve their objectives and companies succeed. Our dedicated customer service team is more than capable of helping your organization to succeed. In addition, we offer other support application services:


Selecting metals for heat treat, plating and for optimal machineability, optimal steel purchases for cost reduction


Autocad design and development, tooling design & fabrication and automated quoting systems


Certified & Accredited ISO/TS 16949 & ASME Section III – Nuclear NCA 3800 Quality Management Systems and ISO Certified Suppliers of Special Processes – Heat Treating, Plating, Anodizing & Shot Peening

Service Better Than The Rest… Service Better Than the Best

There are no compromises when it comes to our customer’s success. At John Gillen, Customer Support Service is more than just a necessity, it is a pleasure.

  • TS 16949:2002
  • ISO 9001:2000 Compliant
  • ASME Section III Preferred Supplier
  • Certified Supplier Parts Certification

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